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25 November 2014

Our Facebook Page just updated with all free tips sheets!

24 October 2014

DIY Social Media Campaiogn - bigger image in Gallery!
DIY Social Media Campaiogn - bigger image in Gallery!

A DIY Social Media Campaign Guide!

Life is difficult enough for small firms - without having to speedily understand how best to structure a social media campaign. But there are some easy "do's" that will get you off the ground quickly.

Do - understand your audience. All firms have slightly different target audiences for potential customers/clients. So start by ensuring that you understand who your audience is, how best to reach them - based upon their likes, demographics, geography etc.

Do - use the most appropriate social media.

If you are a "retail" style business - with something to sell, then you will probably want an online "shop". You can achieve this via Facebook, ebay and a website- indeed any combination of those!

If you sell professional "services" you might not need an elaborate website, but you will probably want to be on LinkedIn ( to hook up with fellow professionals), Facebook ( to build relationships) and twitter ( to spread news and updates)

Launch your work with an email campaign to contacts, sharing why you are now using social media, and what they can expect, and invite them to visit your sites.

maintain their interest with consistently compelling content-driven posts, keep commercial messaging to a minimum.

Consider using paid campaigns via Facebook to target particular localities, demographics, interests, employment etc. - to maximise the relevance of your audience to your business.

Use the various "analytics" tools available ( eg. "Insights" on Facebook) to monitor what is working for you.

27 August 2014

Tweet at Speed!
Tweet at Speed!

Twitter keyboard shortcuts!

Life in the fast lane can be a challenge - you need to tweet but get frustrated by navigating the screen slowly! Twitter has provided the answer - keyboard shortcuts - here are some of our favourites! Tip - images are bigger on the Gallery tab!

17 August 2014

Brilliant Facebook Tips - courtesy of...us!!  No - you're welcome!!
Brilliant Facebook Tips - courtesy of...us!! No - you're welcome!!

Top Tips for Facebook posts Success!

Our latest handy guide for success on facebook posting - email us your thoughts weesmmc@gmail.com, or join the debate on twitter @weesmmc - many thanks!!

09 August 2014

The only social media marketing slide for small firms using Facebook
The only social media marketing slide for small firms using Facebook

The Only Slide a small firm needs to read for Facebook Post Guidance

Our latest LinkedIn Post is a simple one slide explanation of how to maximise your posts engagement, as a small firm using facebook.

Why Facebook for small firms?

It's the BIG dude on Social Media Marketing street - bigger than all the others combined according to the latest report by Social Media Examiner for 2014.

Post Guidance -

Always think Content - make it compelling and interesting - use about 3/4 for non-commercial interesting content, and only less than 1/4 of commercial messaging. Engage your followers, don't bombard them with the equivalent of Facebook Spam. That will get more Shares and Likes

Always Ask a Question - that will guarantee more comments

Always Post Quality - for Content and Frequency. Keep your posts on the low side - maybe only two a week for most small firms - but keep them strong on quality.

Always Add a Visual - that will more than double the engagement value for you, and lead to more post clicks, shares and likes. Videos are even more engaging than pictures.

Always end with a #hashtag. Hashtag's are the reference tool of the social media world - think of them as the most easily accessible index at the end of the biggest possible book!

LinkedIn article just published by us - one slide for FB posts for small firms

29 July 2014

The unkindest cut of all...
The unkindest cut of all...

Three Socia Media Marketing Mistakes for small firms to avoid

Our latest article published on LinkedIn - it's well worth a quick read - and what a stunning image to accompany the articel - oops!! Social Media Marketing Mistakes to avoid for small firms

23 July 2014

Social Media Marketing for small firms - it's not just about the great extended REACH - it's also about brilliant CUSTOMER INSIGHT

Check out our new article published on LInkedIN - link available at www.fb.com/weesocialmediamarketing , it explains why Social Media Marketing isn't just about REACH of a post for small firms, important though that is. It is also about CUSTOMER INSIGHT. For the first time small firms can get the sort of customer insight that only big brands have been able to afford. One important lesson - whether it's a Facebook COMMENT, or a TWEET - always LISTEN and LEARN from your customers. They will tell you what they like, what they want - and your business will become more customer-led, and more succesful!

17 July 2014

16 July 2014

Words of Mouth!
Words of Mouth!

The Power of your Network's Network !

Why Social Media rather than traditional marketing methods? Erik Qualman's latest statistics for 2014 suggest that whilst only 14% of people trust advertising, 92% trust social media recommendations from friends. How does this apply to small businesses? easy - make sure that your website is well badged with your Facebook and twitter links, install a Facebook "Like" badge for your Facebook page from your website. And - critically - ensure that your website and Facebook pages are regularly updated with Great Quality Content, compelling enough for all of your contacts to share with their network, and so on! Harness the Power of your Network's Networks!

16 July 2014

Scan it to see where it takes you!
Scan it to see where it takes you!

Barcode Scanners for Smartphones - Create QR Codes Today!!

The future is already here and it is QR ( Quick response) codes. How many times have you seen a sign in a business premises - "Please like us on Facebook" - and that's it! Time to get digital people.

Step 1 - make sure that your smartphone ( Samsung, HTC, Apple iphone, nokia etc.) has a barcode scanner app downloaded. There are loads of free ones to choose from on the Android market ( Google Play store ), and on Apple Apps.

Step 2 - make sure that you download one that has a "create" function

Step 3 - open up "create" in the app, enter the URL of your facebook page ( www.fb.com/yourusername)

Step 4 - Bingo!! Attach the created QR code to your signage, website, business card, poster, billboard, shop window, back of your van - oh well..you get the idea!

12 July 2014

Scan to visit our Facebook page!
Scan to visit our Facebook page!

Create QR codes - attach to signs/web pages - grab more facebook likes !!

Easy QR codes for your signage, web pages etc. - If you add a QR code to the sign in your cafe, or on your webpage - and say "please scan to like us on our facebook page" it will work brilliantly!

Download an easy QR code creator from Google Play store, or apple apps, and enter your URL, and you're away! It just takes seconds! Now how cool is that to assist your social media marketing work!

remember the URL for your facebook page is www.facebook.com/yourusername - and you can shorten facebook.com to fb.com, the two urls are interchangeable.

11 July 2014

ready to respond!
ready to respond!

Always On... for small business social media success

Interestingly the buzz phrase amongs social media marketing folk is "always on" - which refers to keeping posts updated, regular, and visible, across all your social media sites. How does that translate for the hard-pressed small business person?

We prefer the idea of "always listening" - think of your social media feedback from followers ( customers or potential customers ) in a different way to other forms of remote comment. Think of it instead as vital , urgent, relevant, and top priority.

Always respond quickly. This will do two things - those commenting will love the speed of your response, and they and others will be encouraged to keep visiting and commenting and, importantly, sharing with their friends.

10 July 2014

What is the first rule for small businesses using social media?

This is pretty much the key question we are being asked more and more. Behind it lie a number of concerns - Does Social Media Matter?, What is the Return on Investment? etc. etc.

The first key point is that Social media for businesses of any size only matters if the content is strong and engaging. In short - don't simply post adverts, or special deals, or tell people dull stuff. Engaging with your audience is key.

The more your customers enjoy your content, the more they will engage with "likes' and "comments' , for example on facebook. This is vital for any small business - as this allows you to gain the Customer Insight knowledge that big brands pay big money for. It also ensures that you stay close to your customers, and that they stay close to you - helping to protect your customer base.

But most important of all, if the content is great, and the customer experience is great, then your customers will start recommending you and your services via social media.

Here's a great analogy - it's great to pick up bargains at boot sales and charity shops - but imagine if you could target your search and avoid all the wandering up and down tables and shelves, and have key items that fit your requirements perfectly, highlighted for you - wherever they were located in the world. Well - that's ebay!

Now - imagine that the best method of getting customers for small businesses - word of mouth recommendation - could evolve in the same way. Well - it can and it does - that's social media -facebook, twitter, linkedIn.. etc etc.

Harnessing great content to your social media presence as a small business will ensure that your customer base grows faster than "word of mouth" could ever achieve. better still, you will be able to hear what your customers want, and keep your proposition relevant for today, and ready for tomorrow.

Now wouldn't that be great!

07 July 2014

Feeling very very proud that a leading social media monitor is retweeting us... Thanks @oostdam !

01 July 2014

Whatever you say, say nothing...

"Whatever you say, say nothing" great advice if you are a "crim" who has just carried out a heist daan 'eefroe.. ( we knew those years of watching The Sweeney would be useful one day) but of course it's awful advice if you want to make an impact on social media.

But make it interesting - search engine optimisation ( SEO) techniques are struggling more and more. Content is now king - videos, interesting writing, and photos drive better results than attempting to tweak your few words to grab Google's algorithms !

Think content, tweet, and link your tweets to facebook to grab attention more quickly people!!

of course, "whatever you say , say nothing" has it's uses.. as a fabulous album from Deacon Blue, and a thoughtful poem by Seamus Heaney - 

01 July 2014

How to shorten your Facebook address for tweets...

Getting frustrated by the number of characters you have to use just to put your facebook address into your tweets? Here's a handy tip - www.facebook.com/username, to www.fb.com/username, the two URLs are interchangeable, and your followers will still be directed to your facebook page - and you can tweet more characters for your update!

01 July 2014